About Nomad's Playlist

What is NP?
Nomad's Playlist is a world music blog written for people, by people – or rather, person – with a passion for music. As a music lover, I am always listening to music and want to share with you what's on my playlist. I also want to discover new music by finding out what's on your playlist.

What to expect from NP:
Track picks from my favorite artists including reviews and artist information, informal features on world artists and World Music News, concert reviews, and album reviews.

 Who is NP? 
Alexandra: The creator and driving force behind Nomad's Playlist. She hopes to share her love of music with the rest of the world (or at least NP's readers).  She fell in love with 'World Music' when she got her first cassette tape featuring Nigerian pop singer King Sunny Ade for her seventh birthday. Since then her infatuation (and iTunes library) has grown exponentially.  She recently finished her master's degree in Ethnomusicology, with a concentration on North and East Africa.

I recently released (or will soon release) an album I think would be appropriate for this blog. Will you review it?  I do review albums (sparingly at the moment) and would love to have a listen to yours. Please get in touch with your details and any music related websites (official, myspace, SoundCloud, etc) and I can forward you details for posting your album to me. If I feel the album is appropriate for the blog, I will review it and send you notification once it has been posted. 

There's a great concert coming up in London, how can I get the word out? Contact me with the details – date, time, place, artist(s), cover charge – and I may post a plug.

I love music and I love writing about music, can I contribute to NP? Absolutely! Every Wednesday, I release the Readers' Picks. If you have a great track you'd like to review, please submit a review. If you are interested in contributing regularly, just send me your info and material and I might add you onto our regular contributing team. (Click here for more information on submitting content to NP)