Monday, 9 August 2010

This Week's Picks (#10)

I've had two weeks since the last post and have found some amazing music that I couldn't wait to share. Please enjoy some of my recent obsessions-- this week's picks!

"Storm" by Yoshida Brothers

This has become my obsession for the past few days- rock shamisen. It just doesn't get any cooler than that. The Yoshida Brothers (Ryoichiro and Kenichi Yoshida) are from Japan and both picked up the shamisen, the tradition Japanese lute, before they were five. They released their first album in 1999 and have become a shamisen sensation since then. This track is from their 2003 album, Yoshida Brothers.

"N'Diale" by Jacky Molard Quartet and Foune Diarra Trio

This is a live performance of the the title track from the recent 2010 release of the album N'Diale. Jacky Molard hails from Brenton and has a reputation for his collaborations after working with musicians from Turkey, Bulgaria, Romanian and Kurdistan. In this, his most recent collaboration, he joined forces with Foune Diarra a singer from Mali. Mixing Celtic sounds with Bambara songs may be a surprising choice, but its true that the two traditions work well together.

"Jolie Coquine" by Caravan Palace

This six person group can best be described as electro gypsy jazz. The group started as many do, a few musicians getting together to jam, but what really launched Caravan Palace's career was a request to create a soundtrack to silent porn films from the early 1900s. After that, they found their own sound, a combination of drum and bass, swing, and the gypsy jazz of Django Reinhardt, and I'm glad they did. I love this sound and again, this has become a bit of an obsession for me. Anyone want to listen to it again?

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