Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wednesday's Reader Picks

Have you recently heard a great track that you would like to share? Send in your review of a track for our weekly "Reader's Picks" series. Here, we want to know what you listen to.

How do I get my review posted?
Send the review you've written and a link to the track on YouTube to Please include the name you would like us to use as the author of the review (it can be your full name, first name, or user name). We will post up to three tracks in a given week.

I have a great track I would like to share, but I don't want to write a review. Can I still share it?
Of course! Please send us an email with a link to the track on YouTube and we might include the track in our "This Week's Picks" series.

I emailed a review and it did not show up in this week's series. Should I resend it?
No. We keep all the reviews we receive and if your review didn't make the cut for this week's series, we will keep it to possibly appear in another series. However, we have the right to mediate the content on this blog. If we feel your review does not belong on this blog, either for inappropriate content or an inappropriate piece, we will not post it.

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