Tuesday, 18 January 2011

This Week's Picks (#27)

This week's picks are inspired by tango. Please enjoy!

 "La Esquina" - Federico Aubele

Federico Aubele is an Argentinian singer-songwriter who is recognized for his fusion style, mixing bolero, tango, dub, hip-hop, and reggae. This track is from his 2007 album, Panamericana.  Aubele is accompanied by the singer, Natalia Clavier. Aubele's music tends to be chilled, edging on pop-y, but interesting as long as he's sticking to tango inspired tracks.

"Sin Rumbo" - Otros Aires

 Otros Aires are an electronic tango project that blend Argentinian roots and electronic beats. This track is from their album Vivo en Otros Aires. While "Sin Rumbo" is obviously influenced by tango, Otros Aires draw on many other traditions including milonga to create a sound much different than some of the other tango based groups.

"Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)" - Gotan Project

The Gotan Project, who I looked at backed in July,  is one of the first bands to successfully combine the worlds of folk and electronic music. This track is from their 2001 album, La Revancha Del Tango. The Gotan Project discovered that tango melodies worked beautifully on top of house and dub beats, bursting onto the scene at the turn of the century with a fresh new sound.

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