Monday, 24 May 2010

This Week's Picks (#2)

London's heat wave has inspired some hot tunes for this week's picks. There is nothing better to get you in the summer mood than some spicy Latin grooves. Get your margaritas and mojitos ready and let's dance.

"Pura Salsa" by King Bongo

Salsa is the name given to a genre of music created by Cuban and Puerto Rican immigrants in New York in the 1960s and 70s. It's stylistically Cuban in origin, but has since been mixed with genres including R&B, rock, pop, and jazz to create what is recognized as "the essential pulse of Latin music." A more recent recording, this track by King Bongo is a prime example of the salsa style so closely identified with the salsa style of dancing.
(Reviewed by Alexandra)

"London Samba" by Joyce

Cooling down a bit, this tune is a beautiful jazzy samba by the Brazilian artist Joyce. Written after a trip to England, this track features her smooth voice in harmony with the trombone. The samba pulse keeps this tune from getting too chill. Joyce started recording in the late sixties, and though some of her tracks can be a bit on the cheesy side, sometimes a cheesy samba groove is just what you need to relax to on a summer day.
(Reviewed by Alexandra)

"La Burrita" by Cumbia Ya!

(embedding is disabled upon request: Please visit YouTube to enjoy)

Based in France, Cumbia Ya! are a group that mix French, Argentinean, and Colombia cultures to revive the 1950s Colombian cumbia style.   While they do compose some original tracks, this tune "La Burrita" is a cumbian classic. A strong, solid horn section and an undeniable energy, this group is able to breathe new life into a classic style.
(Reviewed by Alexandra)

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