Monday, 31 May 2010

This Week's Picks (#3)

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"Au Grand Jamais" by Bensé

This track is from Bensé's self-titled album, released in 2009. He is a celebrated French artist who has the tendency to walk away from the beaten path of his contemporaries who believe music should be all too serious and profound. With "Au Grand Jamais," Bensé delivers a melodic, delightful and unashamedly light hearted tune that brings a smile to your face. The lyrics are sweet and befit the mood Bensé successfully creates—a happy-go-lucky environment without a care in the world. 
(Reviewed by Rafi)

"Kabhi Kabhie" by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh

This duet is the title track from the 1976 movie "Kabhi Kabhie" (Love is Life). The movie is a love story that spans two generations. It tells a story of a poet and his love that cannot be. The song echos the themes of the storyline in that it speaks to lost loves, repentance, and forgiveness. In its purest form, the lyrics could be best described as poetry. The words were written for the single purpose of captivating the audience's hearts and minds to the main protagonists of the film. The basuri and drums typify the beauty and gentleness of Bollywood music in that era. The song is rounded up by Lata's distinct voice that adds a touch of majesty and gravitas to the slow rhythmic beat of the song.
(Reviewed by Rafi)

"Sabu Yerkoy" by Ali Farka Touré and Toumani Diabate 

This track is from the recently released and long awaited album, Ali and Toumani. It was the last album this Malian duo recorded before Ali Farka Touré passed away. Ali Farka Touré is a world renown blues guitarist/singer and Toumani Diabate is an equally well-known musician and kora player. This duo successfully blends their sounds into a soothing and beautifully interlocking tune. The soft vocals and engaging, yet subtle, rhythms draw the listener deeper into the song. Closing your eyes, it is easy to imagine yourself transported to steaming, sunny day in Mali.
(Reviewed by Alexandra)

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