Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Tribute to the World Cup Losers #6: Semi-Finals

We are currently featuring a special series on the World Cup and will return to our normal schedule including "This Week's Picks" and "Wednesday's Reader Picks" when the series is finished. We do hope you enjoy the current series. 

Alright, so maybe calling them "losers" is a little harsh seeing as they made their way into the final 16, but this new series will focus on the countries who are eliminated during the final stage of the World Cup. As the 2010 World Cup in South Africa moves into the elimination stage, Nomad's Playlist will be showcasing our favorite picks from the countries unfortunate enough to be thrown out of the running.

Uruguay was able to knock Ghana out of the running during a vicious game in the quarter finals. However, Uruguay got thrown out by losing to Netherlands in the semi-finals.

"Vagabundo" by Martin Buscaglia 

Martin Buscaglia is a Uruguayan singer-songwriter who has been called the South American version of Prince. Seeing as there are available videos on YouTube, I might debate that. "Vagabundo" is from the album El Evangelio Segun mi Jardinero (2006) and is refreshing. The track blends traditional and popular and offers a new twist on the classic song.

While it seems most of London was glad to see this team leave, they did play a tough game. In the end Spain closed the deal and sent this team home.  

"Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" by Klaus Nomi

And now for something completely different. While searching German music I came across this and could not stop myself from posting it. "And now is the time on Shprockets ven ve danze." If there are any Germans out there upset with the sterotype of the weird German, blame this.

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