Sunday, 11 July 2010

A Tribute to the World Cup Losers #7: Netherlands

We are currently featuring a special series on the World Cup and will return to our normal schedule including "This Week's Picks" tomorrow, Tuesday July 13th.

Alright, so maybe calling them "losers" is a little harsh seeing as they made their way into the final 16, but this series will focus on the countries who are eliminated during the final stage of the World Cup. As the 2010 World Cup in South Africa moves into the elimination stage, Nomad's Playlist will be showcasing our favorite picks from the countries unfortunate enough to be thrown out of the running.

The World Cup has finally come to an end and there was a tight game between Netherlands and Spain. Netherlands certainly gave Spain a run for their money, but in the end, couldn't hold up against the team and has become the final country in our series.

"Treasure" by Zuco 103

Netherlands is full of great music, but most of what you can find is not what you would think of as Dutch music. While trying to pick what could best represent the country, I came across this band, Zuco 103 that is based in Amsterdam and couldn't resist posting them. Their singer was born in Brazil and the music definitely has a Brazilian flavor. However, with the addition of the other musicians and the influence of their home base in Amsterdam, there is a flare that allows this group to stick out and proudly represent Holland.

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