Monday, 18 October 2010

This Week's Picks (#17)

The human voice is one of the most amazing instruments we have available. Cultures from around the world have capitalized on its power and range of capabilities, which is the inspiration for this week's picks. Please enjoy!

"Illunikavi" by Tanya Tagaq

This is a new find for me this week. Tanya Tagaq is a Canadian Inuit throat singer. Innuit throat singing is usually sung by two women, but she has created a new form of solo singing. While her movements are quite distracting, she produces some amazing sounds that are fun to listen to.

Live Performance by Huun Huur Tu

Huun Huur Tu is from the republic of Tuva in Russia, famous for it's distinct throat singing (or overtone singing). The style requires singing several (2-4) notes at the same time, and this particular style is the sygyt, or whistling" throat singing.

Elmeddin Ibrahimov

Azeri mugam is famous for it's complicated and impressive glottal sounds performed by the singer. This musician, Elmeddin Ibrahimov may be young, but he has obvious talent. It is unfortunate that this audio and visual do not match up, but Ibrahimov's voice redeems the video.

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