Monday, 25 October 2010

This Week's Picks (#18)

For this week's picks, we're going retro! These tracks are classics that have no contemporary equal. Please enjoy!

"Independance Cha Cha" - African Jazz

This immortal track was released by African Jazz in 1960 after Congo won its independence. The track reflects the overall good feeling and happiness of a people still basking in the glow of recently won independence. African Jazz was Congo's first full-time performing rumba band setting the tone for the Congolese rumba phenomenon that would take over a continent for the next three decades.

"Enta Omri" - Umm Kulthum

Recognized as one of the Arab world's most famous singers to this day, Umm Kulthum is undoubtedly a classic.Kulthum is an Egyptian singer and actress who was known for her powerful, emotional voice. She could send an entire audience into a musical ecstasy and keep them hanging on every note. This track is one of her most famous songs.

"Rag Charukeshi" - Ravi Shankar 

You cannot speak of "World Music Greats" without mentioning Ravi Shankar. Shankar is famous for bringing the sounds of India to America and for his involvement with The Beatles and George Harrison. He is considered to be the best sitar performer of the 20th century.

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