Monday, 14 February 2011

This Week's Picks (#31)

I know it's been my recent habit to pick a theme for the "This Week's Picks" tracks. However, this week's theme is simply "awesome stuff I've heard this week." So I apologize if it seems a bit random, but these are still some great picks. Enjoy!

"Music for a Found Harmonium" - Penguin Cafe 

As anyone who follows me on Twitter will already know, I've become obsessed with Penguin Cafe as of late. I attended their sold out concert at the Barbican on Wednesday and was blown away. They're music is beyond category, fusing jazz, folk, world, and classical elements. Penguin Cafe is the continuation of Simon Jaffes' original concept of the Penguin Cafe Orchesta by his son, Arthur. I'm actually disappointed there is not a better video of them on YouTube. This is an OK recording, but they are much better than this video gives them credit for. **Keep your eyes out for my review of Wednesday's concert to appear in the next issue of Songlines Magazine!**

"Rumba" - Indialucia

Indian flamenco...'nuff said. Ok, so I know there's a chance that this may sound a tad cheesy to some, but I think it's just so much fun! It's full of energy like flamenco, but without the seriousness of the genre. As a genre spawned from the confluence of various musical influences, flamenco works beautifully as a fusion setting. It could be that I'm bias as I LOVE flamenco music, but Indialucia pull off a really beautiful fusion.

"Turceasca" - Taraf de Haïdouks

I've known of this group for awhile so it might be cheating putting this under the theme of "awesome stuff I've discovered this week", but I have really been getting into them this week. They're a fun gypsy band from Romania, and if you need any other reason to like them, they're Johnny Depp's favorite gypsy band. There you go. They must be awesome!

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