Tuesday, 8 February 2011

This Week's Picks (#30)

Before I go on to post the picks for this week, lets just pause and celebrate my 100th post! Whoo hoo!
Happy 100!

And now for this week's picks. Enjoy!

"Djon Maya" - Victor Démé

Démé inherited his music from his griot mother who gave him his outstanding voice. I really love his bluesy guitar and melancholy voice. From Burkina Faso, Démé has only recently released his internationally available albums and slowly gaining the fame he deserves.

"Mariama Kaba" - Boubacar Traoré

Apparently in a bluesy mood today, I've chosen another great African blues artist. I absolutely love this track. Boubacar is a fantastic Malian guitarist, whose unfortunate nickname "Kar Kar" means "one who dribbles too much". This track is from his first album, Mariama produced in France shortly after his wife died.

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