Saturday, 4 June 2011

Album Review: Sol by Aurn Shenoy

Album: Sol
Artist: Arun Shenoy
Release Date: October 30, 2010
Genre/Region: Fusion, Flamenco, Jazz

This four track EP is a preview of the full length album Rhythm of the Sun scheduled to be released mid-2011. While the running time is quite short and I look forward to hearing the full length album, this is a great preview of what is to come.

Ambitiously, Shenoy tries to update the flamenco sound, fusing it with jazz and rock. For the most part, he is successful. Flamenco works remarkably well with jazz sensibilities. The first and best track on the EP is "Rhythm of the Sun" and is a prime example of this. Sensual rhythms support a weaving, jazzy piano and create a deliciously seductive track. The track "Sleepy Town" is another great example of fusion gone right, though it is less jazzy than the first piece. 

The other two tracks, however, fall short. "The Violin Song" begins with a very flamenco sound and has promise. Unfortunately, after a minute or so, a very pop-ish drum beat kicks in and the track takes a turn for the worse. "Wanderlust In Keys" is very much the same- lots of potential overshadowed by synthesizer and drum beats.

Despite that, when Shenoy fuses jazz and flamenco well, he creates beautiful sounds and a sensual atmosphere. Overall, this is a promising preview of Shenoy's upcoming album.

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