Monday, 11 July 2011

This Week's Picks #46

This week's picks are inspired by some funky Ethiopian sounds. Please enjoy!

"Guragigna" - Dub Colossus

A band of musicians from London and Addis Ababa, these guys fuse dub and reggae with Ethio-Jazz to create some kicking tracks. I have been really enjoying the most recent album Addis Through the Looking Glass, of which this is the best track.

 "Yekermo Sew" - Mulatu Astatke

I've featured another track by Mulatu, but here's one more. Mulatu is the father of Ethio-Jazz, though he might as well be the father of cool. *Sorry, that was pretty lame, but it's getting awful late and I'm really enjoying the chill factor of this track*

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