Saturday, 20 August 2011

Rhythm Passport

With so many gigs, tours, shows and concerts out there, it is hard to know where to start looking. But, if you're free this weekend, next Tuesday, or even some evening in October, I've recently discovered a new website that makes it easier to find world music gigs and puts my 'Nomad's Calendar' to shame.

Rhythm Passport was recently launched and is a user-run event listings website that focuses on 'traditional world music to global beats'. Apologies to all my international readers, but Rhythm Passport is only UK-based, though that does not mean 'London-based'. You can find event listings from all over the UK.

The search allows you to filter by date, region, town, venue name as well as the country or continent the music is from. Another great feature is that the next 30 days worth of events are uploaded onto Facebook, making it easy to remind yourself of an upcoming gig you really wanted to check out.

Finally, the best feature of the site are the customised emailing list. If you register and adjust your email settings, the site will email you once a month with a list of events specifically tailored to your preferences (say, South American music in London, or bluegrass in Scotland). You need to register for this feature, but it's definitely worth it! You can register here.  

You can check out the website here:
Or their Facebook here:

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