Monday, 4 April 2011

This Week's Picks (#37)

I hope you enjoy this week's picks!

"Ndakuvara"- Oliver Mtukudzi

Oliver Mtukudzi is a Zimbabwean guitarist. He started began playing in the band Wagon Wheels with Thomas Mapfumo. He has since struck a name for himself, recording 59 albums. Though he was not as politically outspoken as Mapfumo, this particular track was directed at the Zimbabwe's president Mugabe, and the political violence organised by his party.

"Gypsy Part of Town" - J.U.F.

I can't help myself. I love this stuff. I have featured the band, Balkan Beat Box several times, but this is the collaboration of Gorgol Bordello and BBB. J.U.F. stands for J├╝disch-Ukrainische Freundschaft inspired by German industrial band Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft, who got their name from the GDR state organization Deutsch-Sowjetische Freundschaft (German-Soviet Friendship).

"Eddeaa" - Abjeez

These guys not only make some fun music, but fun videos! Abjee is Persian for "sister" as the two main singers Safoura and Melody Safavi are sisters. Abjeez is a "Persian world-pop" band, as they've deemed themselves, and write songs with often humorous lyrics and a lot of fun to listen to and watch.

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