Monday, 14 June 2010

This Week's Picks (#5)

Please enjoy this week's picks.

"Soda Soap" by Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars 

Yesterday, I excitedly attended the Celebrating Sanctuary Concert on London's Southbank hoping to see the Sierra Leone Refugee All-Stars play live. Much to my dismay, they were not to end up performing due to visa issues (which you can read more about here). So, instead, I'll settle for listening to YouTube videos. They founded the band from members of a Guinean refugee camp after being displaced from their homes in Sierra Leone. This track is off their first album, Living Like a Refugee released in 2006. A few months ago, they released a newer album, Rise and Shine, that I also highly recommend. This song features social commentary based around soda soap, a locally made soap. The commentary is skillfully embedded in upbeat rhythms and great guitar riffs.
(Reviewed by Alexandra)

"Inion ni Scannlain" by Lúnasa  

And now for something completely different. Always being a lover of Irish music, I have really embraced this band. The quintet of fiddle, guitar, bass, flute, and pipes/whistles has been around for awhile and produced eight amazing albums. This track is from their 2001 release, The Merry Sisters of Fate. Accomplishing what seemed like the impossible, this band has produced a traditionally based Irish group rivaling the Chieftains. The track is a perfect example of how they have achieved their international status. It features the band's trademark flute sound, which I may simply be partial to as a flute player. However, even those who do not simply melt at the flute's beautiful lines, will appreciate the calm and soothing effect of this song. 
(Reviewed by Alexandra)

"Mama Please" by Cirrus

This France-based fusion group features Tunisian singer Nawel Ben Kraiem and a mix of world-folk instruments such as bouzouki, guitar, and djembe. This track is quite powerful with the harsh and driving instrumental background. The lyrics are filled with fear and anguished- "Mama please, mama please, mama please take off the light... Papa will beat you if he found you there." This track and group offers a different side to what you might expect from "world-folk"- a dark and intense song filled with distress.
(Reviewed by Alexandra)

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