Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Wednesday's Reader Picks

This week reader joann3737 shares the artist Buika.

"Sombras" by Buika (featuring Chucho Valdés on piano)

This track is from Spanish singer, Buika's newest album El Último Trago. This album features the pianist Chucho Valdés and is a tribute to one of Buika's earliest influences, Chavela Vargas. Vargas was a ranchera singer. Ranchera is a traditional Mexican genre made popular during the revolution and generally focuses on topics of love or patriotism. This track, titled "Sombras" (translation: shadows), features the raw and passionate voice of Buika. Her lyrics are heartfelt, and typical of the ranchera  style, about love and the pain of being away from a lover. Valdés' playing perfectly fuses with Buika's voice and lifts the tone enough to keep the track from being too depressing.
(Reviewed by joann3737)

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