Sunday, 27 June 2010

A Tribute to the World Cup Losers #1: South Korea & USA

Alright, so maybe calling them "losers" is a little harsh seeing as they made their way into the final 16, but this new series will focus on the countries who are eliminated during the final stage of the World Cup. As the 2010 World Cup in South Africa moves into the elimination stage, Nomad's Playlist will be showcasing our favorite picks from the countries unfortunate enough to be thrown out of the running.

South Korea
Losing their match against Uruguay yesterday, South Korea is the first to be eliminated from the World Cup final 16, and the first to be featured here on Nomad's Playlist.

"Kayagum Sanjo Variation" performed by Hwang Byeonggi

This piece is performed on the Korean instrument, the Kayagum, a 12 string zither-like instrument. The style of music is sanjo, literally meaning scattered melodies and involves some improvisation. Byeonggi is one of the most famous performers of the Kayagum sanjo. This piece is relaxing, though not by a lack of interesting material. Byeonggi shows off his skill with beautiful patterns in a demonstration of the appeal of Korean music. A perfect tribute and send off for a country who was unfortunate enough to be sent home so soon.

United States of America
With an attempt that surprised most, the USA still came up short in their match against Ghana. However, they won the honor of being our our second featured country in the series.

"Cross Road Blues" by Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson is an icon of American delta blues. His signature voice and slide guitar set the standards for all other blues musicians to follow. His poorly documented life and mysterious early death have added to Robert Johnson's mystic and the creation of Faustian legend. As one of my favorite all time blues artists, we are sadly left with only a legacy of 29 songs by the blues great. This one, one of his more famous, is a great song for the USA as they return home from the World Cup. "I went down to the crossroad/fell down on my knees/Asked the lord above "have mercy now/ save poor Bob if you please." 

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