Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Tribute to the World Cup Losers #4: Japan and Portugal

We are currently featuring a special series on the World Cup and will return to our normal schedule including "This Week's Picks" and "Wednesday's Reader Picks" when the series is finished. We do hope you enjoy the current series. 

Alright, so maybe calling them "losers" is a little harsh seeing as they made their way into the final 16, but this new series will focus on the countries who are eliminated during the final stage of the World Cup. As the 2010 World Cup in South Africa moves into the elimination stage, Nomad's Playlist will be showcasing our favorite picks from the countries unfortunate enough to be thrown out of the running. 

Japan played a rough game against Paraguay and lost in the shot out at the end. While Paraguay may end up in our series before the World Cup is over, it is Japan that makes it here first.

"Tokyo Light" by Chieko Mori

Chieko Mori is one of leading virtuosos on the Japanese koto. Mori was trained in classical Japanese music, but soon adopted a fresh approach to playing that incorporated Western acoustic ideals. This track, "Toyko Light" from the album A Garden of Forking Paths (2008) is a refreshing, soothing piece. Straddling the worlds of the Orient, West, Classical and Contemporary, Mori has forged her way by embracing them.

In a close game, Portugal tried their best to win over their neighbors, Spain. But in the end, Spain, the favorites, did take the game and sent Portugal home and into our series.

"Leva-me aos Fados" by Ana Moura

Dominating the tradition of Portuguese fado music, Ana Moura has become a fast sensation.The fado songs are songs of pain, resignation, and emotion. This song, meaning "The fados takes me" is a lovely example of the style. Moura's voice is strong and powerful and even if you do not understand the language, you feel as involved in the music as if you did understand. A genre that is often best described as nostalgia, is the perfect send home for the Portuguese football team.

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